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What awaits us at the 2020 Geneva motor show

The" European spring salon " in Geneva takes place this year from March 3 to 13, and as part of the event, world or European premieres and news in the field of cars, they will keep you up to date with special press posters until the end of this month.
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What will the Tesla supercar look like

Tesla does not yet have a supercar, in the true sense of the word, among the cars it produces. This, however, did not prevent the fan from imagining What such a model might look like.
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McLaren-Mercedes dominates, Ferrari calm

An impressive performance opened the first free rides on Friday pilots team McLaren. Both training sessions were marked by the dominance of Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. 
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In Russia, they think to ban training cars from driving during rush hours

On the website of the ROI ("Russian Public Initiative"), a proposal was put to a vote to ban educational riding in the morning and evening rush hours. 
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