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What does a Tesla Cybertruck-inspired phone look like?

A smartphone inspired by Tesla Cybertruck has appeared. The new smartphone is produced by Russians and is called Cyberphone.
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How much does the new Hyundai Kona Electric cost

The Korean model is available in two versions: one with a battery capacity of 64 kW / h and an electric motor power of 204 HP, and the other with a battery of 39.2 kW / h and a power of 136 HP.
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Top 3 most inexpensive SUVs in 2020

The new Renault Captur forces rivals to consider a possible plan B. the French bestseller in an already ultra-crowded segment has a starting price that can keep it at the top of the European rankings.
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GM to revive Hummer brand with electric model unveiled at Super Bowl

GM will revive the Hummer name in the form of an electric model that will be unveiled on may 20. The first images of the future model are shown in a commercial that will be broadcast on Sunday during the super bowl final.
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Mercedes-Benz refuses a model released less than 3 years ago! What is the reason?

Mercedes-Benz refuses a model released less than 3 years ago. The x-Class pickup vanishes from the range in the coming months.
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