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Driving school in Latgale: driver's licence can change a life

Investing in your skills always pays off, and we are never too young or too old to learn. It is also true when it comes to B category driver's licence, which can be obtained at the largest driving school in Latvia Presto, which is also known as a driving school in Latgale. In this region of Latvia, too, acquiring a driver's licence changes the lives of many citizens. First, category B enables you to get to know the simple joy of driving. In addition, for many a life without a car is not even imaginable - especially if the place of residence is not in the city center or right next to work or a supermarket.

At the respectable age of 79, Irma Kluša, one of the most inspiring Presto students, finally got to know what the joy of driving a car means. She is like a source of inspiration for other future students - she is a living proof to the saying “If there's a will, there is a way”! In a short video on the Presto Youtube channel, you can learn more about her experience and the road to the driver''s licence. It always makes everyone excited - if Irma did it, you can do it as well!

Gados cienījamākā Presto kursante Irma Kluša prieku sēdēt pie stūres iepazina 79 gadu vecumā. Viņa ir kā iedvesmas avots citiem topošajiem kursantiem - jo visi var, ja vien grib! Nelielā videostāstā Presto Youtube kanālā vairāk var iepazīties ar viņas pieredzi un ceļu pretim tiesībām. Tas arvien visiem liek sasparoties - ja jau Irma varēja, varēsi taču arī Tu!

However, how can acquiring a license really change lives and why obtain a driving license? We will tell you more about this article in the continuation in cooperation with the driving school Presto.

New job opportunities…

The realm of transportation paves the road for a variety of career opportunities, and the driving license is useful even in other professions that are not really related to the car industry at all. For many professions, the car is an integral part of everyday work - a foreman also needs a car to screw a light bulb in one house and paint a wall in another. The journalist, in turn, has to get to the venues of various events. And even if the chosen job is located outside the city, in a completely different city or at the other end of the city, the car will be needed to earn a living!

Acquiring a driver's licence can also open up completely new career paths. If you have a category B, you can usually work in the field of courier services, but after gaining more experience - at least 2 years - you can start working as a taxi driver. There is also a demand for such a service in Latgale. If you have a bachelor's or master's degree in addition to category B, it is possible to become a driving school instructor or lecturer. Presto driving school is also constantly looking for new teachers to join the team in Latgale (if you know someone who might be suitable for the vacancy, those interested in this opportunity are invited to send a CV to zigmars@presto.lv).

After all, thanks to the driver's license, it is even possible to start one's own transportation business. In such a case, you will need a C category to drive a truck. If you have this licence, then you may offer, for example, furniture transport services. And the transportation of the piano is becoming topical again every year, when the young students of the music school start their training. True, this category of driver's licence can be acquired only from the age of 21. There is a logical explanation for such a restriction - driving a truck is quite a responsible task and requires a certain maturity, the load is very heavy and it moves forward on the highway at high speed and can pose a threat to other road users.

Also, when it comes to reviewing job advertisements, you can search for job offers according to new criteria, using the acquired category licence as a keyword - category B or C.

Latgalian long distance truck drivers - best earners?

In general, long distance truck drivers is one of the best earning professions in Latvia - on average the amount received after taxes is between 1500-2000 EUR, but the average estimated expenses in a month reach about 500 EUR that are spent on food, hygiene products and new clothing. True, then the home is not the sweet Latgale anymore, but the cabin of the truck. Those that choose this profession have to accept prolonged absence from home - the length of the absence depends on the conditions set by the particular company. However, on average those are 3 months outside Latgale and 2 free weeks at home, then again the driver must return to the road.

This profession is found appealing exactly because of the high salary. It is possible to add to the savings 40-50 thousands in a matter of just a few years. Also young men that hope to make stable savings and do not feel ready yet for a family life and are not against a life spent on travelling and wheels invest themselves into this profession. However, also fathers of families find this job a good option as it helps to provide the necessary material resources for the children and family; because of this reason this profession is chosen.

In addition, foreigners also emigrate to Latvia precisely to work in this highly-paid profession. In this realm there is always a lack of workforce; therefore, everyone is welcome - both Latgalian guys as well as foreigners. However, gender is not a defining criterion. Even though in Latvia it is not so common, but in a global scale there are also female long distance truck drivers.

To become a long distance truck driver, category C or CE must be obtained.

In general, the average cost of the training is about 1500 EUR. Even though the amount is quite high, this investment pays back in a long-run, because even in 1 month a long distance truck driver may potentially earn more.

A category, new friends and events

One more category that adds new colours to life and can change it, is category A that gives rights to ride motorcycles as well as tricycles with power exceeding 15 kilowatts. During the warm months and sunny days it is a vehicle that lets you catch the wind, freedom and sense of summer. It comes along with new feelings, adrenaline and a sense of adventure. Understandably, it attracts additional attention and glances full of admiration both from women and men.

It also gives many opportunities to make new friends and to find the like-minded. The time on the motorcycle just flies - as the riding gives pure pleasure and taste of life, the tank filled up in the morning has been emptied just within 1 day. There is a chance to join a motorcycle club and attend various thematic events.

Besides, it was a long time ago that only men were seen on motorcycles. In the 21st century, it is also a means of transport for courageous and feminine ladies. True, motorcyclists have to forget about the hairstyle - a helmet is a must always! And yet, adding a new outfit to the wardrobe is also exciting. It is possible to choose from a variety of protective clothing, and it may be very feminine, tight-fitting and very attractive. This proves that men are not the only ones that radiate a special charm in a uniform!

From computer games to a new passion…

The driving school is not only for 18-year-olds, but it is possible to start training already from the age of 14. It is a chance for the teenager not only to rebel and demand greater freedom, but also an opportunity to gain a valuable transition period that truly helps to get to know better what it means to be a grownup and also take responsibility for others. A driver's licence will give a chance to the parents - I am already indeed a big guy!

Different initiation rituals have always been common in different cultures that celebrate the entrance of a boy into manhood and the entrance of a girl into womanhood. Nowadays such an initiation can also be considered training at the driving school. After all, acquiring a driver's licence also means a greater understanding about road traffic regulation. 14-year-old teenagers can start with the AM category that enables them to ride a moped with a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h. It will be a good starting point to later on aim for higher categories.

At the age of 16, A1 category can be obtained that enables one to ride a motorcycle with limited cubic capacity. At the age of 16 also the training to gain B category can be started, which means that at the age of 18 it is possible to go straight to CSDD to pass the exams and get the driver's licence in the pocket. It is known that study years after graduationg highschool require additional funds. However, it will be a lot easier for a young person to find an additional part-time job with a driver's licence. Wider job opportunities open up just because of category B. Also, when reaching the age of 18, A2 category can be obtained.

There are teenagers that seemingly are not interested in anything - they do not seem fascinated neither by sport, nor chance to spend more time with friends. Some can even spend whole days and nights locked up in their rooms, not allowing the daylight to get into the room, not through the slightest gap in the curtain. However, there may be a possible way out of this routine as setting a goal to gain a driver's licence may finally give some excitement. Also the more active teenagers will encounter more joy and satisfaction for the new accomplishments and skill improvement.

During the teens, it is not only possible to find the 1st summer job and get the 1st income, but also to feel as a real grown up behind the steering wheel. Besides, it is a completely new feeling to invite a girl for an ice-cream for the money that has been earned by oneself and not given by parents. And the glance of appreciation and acknowledgement that she will dedicate will surely be worth it. It will teach the work ethic already at a young age, as well as to get to understand what abilities it is valuable to develop to become a successful and independent grownup.

Are you ready to change your life?

As it was already highlighted in the article, the obtention of a driver's licence opens up a chain of new opportunities and ways to improve the quality of life both from materialistic, psychological and relationship-wise. Maybe you also have some other way in mind that could help to increase the quality of life by gaining the driver's licence?

If you are ready for changes, apply for the training on presto.lv and choose the category most suited for you, and in case of questions do not hesitate to get in contact with the friendly administration team of the driving school that will politely explain everything in more detail! Presto operates in a total of 97 cities and villages and the training can be started in each one of them!


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