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Regional classifieds: look for the best car nearby!

Sorting classifieds according to location has not been a very common feature in the car sector so far; however, the innovative portal dalder.lv has not left it ignored by creating an online ad board for every region.
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Driving school in Latgale: driver's licence can change a life

Investing in your skills always pays off, and we are never too young or too old to learn.
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What will happen after the BMW i8, the company is preparing a successor

Only BMW announced the end of production of the I8 model, and information about the successor has already begun to appear. Of course, while unofficial, but " coming from verified sources.
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BMW project: electric cars will be able to return energy to the grid.

Research consortium led by the BMW Group: electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role in the energy networks of the future: they will be able to store green energy and stabilize consumption in the network. A real-world test project with a fleet of 50 BMW i3 models is planned for 2021.
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How much does a new Volkswagen ID cost in Latvia

Volkswagen ID.3 is already available for order, and now we have also learned about trade prices in Latvia. The start of sales is given by a limited edition ID.3 1ST, which will be available in three stages of equipment-1st, 1st Plus and 1st Max.
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